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        Fluorescent Chromatography Reagent

        Using mature fluorescence immunochromatography technology

        Product instruction

        Fluorescence chromatography reagent, using fluorescence immunochromatography technology, single reagent card design, together with the use of special dry fluorescence immunoanalyzer, used for quantitative or qualitative detection of human serum, plasma, whole blood, fingertip blood to detect the substance to be detected, to provide reference for clinical disease diagnosis

        Performance and features

        • 01


          Stable and accurate

          Fluorescence immune quantitative technology, accurate detection results

        • 02


          Easy to operate

          Single reagent card, ready-to-use, easy to operate

        • 03


          Compatible with all kinds of samples

          Compatible with whole blood, serum, plasma, fingertip blood sample detection

        • 04


          Automatic detection

          Cooperate with special dry fluorescence immunoanalyzer to realize automatic detection