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        Xantus Automatic Sampling System

        Automatically add sample to eliminate error

        Product introduction

        Xantus automatic sampling system is a high performance automatic sample adding system imported from Sias of Switzerland. On the basis of the imported high quality sample adding platform, Aikang fully explores the potential of the products and shows its performance advantages incisively.

        Performances and features

        • 01


          High-speed sampling

          Parallel distribution of four blood samples of 88 samples can be achieved in 7min, which is suitable for all kinds of blood institutions

        • 02



          The automatic sampling system can load 192 samples at one time, cycle into samples during the test process, continuously unload and load the test tube to realize the assembly line work

        • 03


          High cleanliness

          Xantus automatic sampling system uses disposable tips to add sample, and no towing pollution.

        • 04


          Flexible and multivariate

          Selecting procedures according to the needs, direct sample adding of ELISA or blood grouping test.

        • 05


          Stable and reliable

          The simple composition of pipeline and pump is an important factor to ensure the stability of the instrument and the accuracy of sample adding

        • 06


          Easy to operate

          Chinese software interface, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate

        Multiple equipment models

        Xantus series is available in three models to meet different clinical needs